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About Harbor of Hope 

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A Note from the Executive Director

Over the many years that I have worked in foster care, the individuals that I have met – from case managers and administrators to the children and families I have seen impacted by the devastation and trauma of entering the foster care system – have been a source of inspiration for me. I am inspired by the unconditional love, perseverance, integrity, and faithfulness displayed by those I have met, but I was also inspired by what seemed to be broken about ‘the system’. As I gained experience, I began to wonder if there is a better approach to fostering. How can I create an agency that is organized and compliant with rules and regulations, but also does the most important work of all: to keep children physically and emotionally better off when they leave the foster care system than when they first arrived?

In 2016, the opportunity to see this dream and vision realized began to unfold. The knowledge and experience I have gained has meant nothing without the important lessons of wisdom and insights that have been imparted to me by some behind the scene ‘heroes’ and all of the wonderful colleagues and clients I have served. I hope to use these insights to develop what we call ‘Anchor Families’. These families will be a fundamental solution to the problems our children and families are facing.

Harbor of Hope intends to bring a fresh perspective to helping vulnerable children and families. By simplifying and organizing our approach in communication and team work in the field, providing thoughtful and individualized treatment approaches to each child, and by providing a common-sense knowledge base and support system for our Anchor Families, we will move forward, keeping in mind our very important mission: Steadfastly Providing Hope for Children & Families.

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