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About Harbor of Hope

Our Mission

Program Statement

It is the goal of the agency to provide positive opportunities to all people it interacts with. Our goal is to provide services for our clients with empathy and compassion. Harbor of Hope intends to create an environment for our clients that promotes healing and a healthy transition to permanency, or whatever their treatment goals may be. 


Advocacy – Understanding fully the needs of our clients and obtaining the appropriate resources and support.


Nurturing – Encouraging the growth and development of the clients in our care.


Compassion – We base our values on providing compassionate care not only for the clients we are entrusted with, but we are compassionate towards their primary caregivers, relatives, parents, and community. Compassionately, we lead by example, compassionately, we love our children, compassionately, we serve our community. Our example drives hope. Hope to change and hope to heal.


Holistic – The agency will take a holistic approach to serving clients. The agency’s approach intends to view clients as multi-dimensional with an understanding that gathering information about the client’s background including family history, medical history, academic history, etc. is pertinent to developing the best treatment plan possible.


Harbor of Hope has adopted the following vision statement to be a leader in providing quality services: To support the permanency and stability of children and families.


Steadfastly Providing Hope for Children and Families.

Harbor of Hope has chosen to carry out this mission through providing the following services: 24/7 support for clients and families, case management, consultation, and referrals to service providers within the community.

More Information

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How You Can Help

We accept donations through Amazon Smile or Direct Giving. Thank you for supporting our mission!

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Learn how to join the Harbor of Hope family and become a foster or respite care provider.

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