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Foster Care Program

Our Program

Our foster care program provides quality services to children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.  The program is designed to develop and manage quality homes to be utilized as a temporary safe haven for children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect. These homes will provide safety and stability for clients until their permanency goals are met. 

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Services We Provide

It is our goal to meet a child’s basic needs for shelter, nutrition, clothing, nurture, socialization, and interpersonal skills, care for personal health and hygiene, supervision, education, and service planning. Harbor of Hope staff and families will work cooperatively to ensure that each client is given referrals to appropriate resources to ensure that all needs identified in our client’s individualized service plans are met.

Who We Serve

HOH provides care for children entering foster care who are 0 - 17 years of age, who have mild to moderate behavioral and/or medical needs, and children who are in small or large sibling groups. 

More Information

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How You Can Help

We accept donations through Direct Giving. Thank you for supporting our mission!

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Learn about Harbor of Hope, our Mission, our Values, and our Goals for helping foster families and adoptive families.

Children's Toys

Become a HOH Family

Learn how to join the Harbor of Hope family and become a foster or respite care provider.

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