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Foster Care in America

269,509 children entered foster care in the year 2015...

About Harbor of Hope

Steadfastly providing hope for children and families since 2018, HOH is a licensed child placing agency that verifies families to provide foster care and adoption services in their homes. Our goal is to achieve our mission through providing services that include 24/7 crisis intervention, pre-service and ongoing training, and high-quality case management with a team that is passionate about advocating and supporting children and families.

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How You Can Help

We accept donations through Direct Giving. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Baby's Grasp


Learn about Harbor of Hope, our Mission, our Values, and our Goals for helping foster families and adoptive families.

Children's Toys

Become a HOH Family

Learn how to join the Harbor of Hope family and become a foster or respite care provider.

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The program is designed to develop and manage quality homes to be utilized as a temporary safe haven for children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect.


Our Adoption Program is utilized to facilitate long-term permanency planning for children who are legally free to be adopted by a qualified Adoptive Home.

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